Power Query Course (EOXLG)

Power Query Course (EOXLG)

Power Query is undoubtedly the most important addition to Excel, introduced all the way back in 2012. Let me explain that very personal opinion. The official introduction will say Power Query is an ETL or Extract-Transform-Load tool. I say, Power Query, along with pivot tables, Power pivot, and regular tables, represent previously missing pieces of Excel. It enables the complete automation of data handling, from data source to final analysis!

This is an introductory Power Query Course and is followed by Power Query MasterClass (EOMC3). The lecturer is Gašper Kamenšek, the only Slovenian Excel MVP (Most Valuable Professional), a title awarded by Microsoft for excellence in the respective field. Gašper has been teaching Excel for more than 15 years. He shares his knowledge through various helpful videos on Excel Olympics YouTube YouTube channel. You can even find a dedicated Power Query playlist here: Power Query Playlist. Another way you can learn from Gašper is by visiting his Excel Unplugged blog, one of the most-read Excel blogs in the world.

Who is Power Query (EOXLG) course for?

All analysts who are trying to analyze large amounts of data in Excel. Before attending this course, we recommend going through the Excel Intermediate course, which nicely complements this course.

What will I learn, and what will follow?

The course will change your Excel work and life. The number of processes you will automate will grow daily, and so will the amount of saved time. Imagine having all that time to analyze data!

The course is followed by the advanced Power Query MasterClass, which comes in two flavors. One is a 3-day course (15 school hours) or a more in-depth 5-day course (25 school hours).

There’s a good reason Gašper named this course EOXLG. This is the course that will give you the most valuable Excel knowledge in the least amount of time!

Check what our students say about this course. You can find reviews at the bottom of the page.

Chapters and topics

Upgrading Excel tools
  • Flash Fill with formulas – Column From Examples
  • “Vlookup” for several parameters – Outer Joins
  • “Vlookup” omitting all non found – Inner Joins
  • “Vlookup” that returns only missing values – Anti Joins
  • Advanced text formatting
Import data from other files
  • Txt
  • CSV
  • Excel (the same workbook)
  • Excel (second workbook)
  • Access
  • Import from the entire folder
Import from the web
  • Importing exchange rates
  • Xml import
  • Dynamic import
Import from the SQL database
  • Import tables from the Azure SQL database
  • Import views from the Azure SQL database
  • Own T-SQL connection for data acquisition
Import from other sources
  • Import from the SharePoint Online list
  • Import from the Exchange mailbox
Transforming data
  • Pivot Command
  • Unpivot command
  • Working with dates
  • Work with text
  • Working with lists
Error mamagement
  • Try … Otherwise
  • Removes errors

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