Power Query MasterClass

Power Query MasterClass

In 2013, without any big announcements, Microsoft released an Excel Add-Inn called Power Query. Despite the almost total absence of large-scale advertising, it soon became clear that Power Query is an incredible tool that upgrades the user experience of Excel and adds incredible value to all Excel users! Power Query quickly became indispensable for everyone who was importing data from different sources into Excel and paramount for Power Pivot Data Model creators. It improved the user experience of importing and transforming data dramatically! The impact of it was obvious as it became THE way to import data in Excel 2016 and replaced all the wizards for importing data that Excel had in previous versions.

The Power Query workshop is suitable for advanced Excel users. As far as Power Query experience goes, those who would see it for the first time and those who are already using it will find something for themselves because within five days we will cover everything from basic queries to the most complex ones.

Chapters and topics

Upgrading Excel tools
  • Flash Fill with formulas – Column From Examples
  • “Vlookup” for several parameters – Outer Joins
  • “Vlookup” omitting all non found – Inner Joins
  • “Vlookup” that returns only missing values – Anti Joins
  • Advanced text formatting
Import data from other files
  • Txt
  • CSV
  • Excel (the same workbook)
  • Excel (second workbook)
  • Access
  • Import from the entire folder
Import from the web
  • Importing exchange rates
  • Xml import
  • Dynamic import
Import from the SQL database
  • Import tables from the Azure SQL database
  • Import views from the Azure SQL database
  • Own T-SQL connection for data acquisition
Transforming data
  • Pivot Command
  • Unpivot command
  • Working with dates
  • Work with text
  • Working with lists
Error mamagement
  • Try … Otherwise
  • Removes errors
Import from other sources
  • Import from the SharePoint Online list
  • Import from the Exchange mailbox
Create custom import functions
  • Create custom import functions
Manage Power Query import via VBA in Excel
  • Manage Power Query Import via VBA in Excel

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